Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a Thursday Miracle...

I never really blog anymore and I people may not even read this, but I thought I'd give a "me" update. CrossFit is really freakin' hard, but I am determined to stick with it even though the scaled down version of the workouts (for a weenie like me) often barely resembles the workout the CF veterans are doing. I'm just trying to "try" and not be too hard on myself. Even though it's tough, I still enjoy it. Lately, I've been hitting a lunch workout and then a run after work...two-a-days should help me get to my weight loss goal even quicker.

About my weight loss goal, this is where I'm at. Starting weight was 228 (Oh. My. Word. I hate even typing that, but I'm nothing if not open about all this). I have lost a grand total of 51 lbs and I now weight 177!! I have 27 lbs to go before I reach my goal. Want to know what the Thursday Miracle is? Today, I wore a size 8 skirt to work. I can wear single digit sized clothing!!! I basically floated into work I was so happy about that. Now, here is an interesting tidbit about this skirt situation. In 2006, I lost weight the unhealthy way, with prescription diet pills (Adipex/Phentermine) and no diet changes (other than calorie starving myself because of the appetite suppressant) and no exercise. I got down to 165 lbs and that is when I purchased the size 8 skirt I wore today and I remember it being tight then. Today, the size 8 skirt was lose and I weigh 177 lbs. This goes to show that the scale doesn't matter, true life change trumps quick-fix diet pills, and exercise combined with healthy diet improve body composition and result in lost inches.

What's next for me? Starting April 18-May 27th I am doing a Nutrition Challenge at the CF gym where I workout. I already follow the Zone Diet pretty strict. The kicker is that most CrossFit people take Zone to the next level by eliminating all grains, dairy, and beans/legumes. What does this mean for me? Although I already limit my grains and dairy, I cannot have my half-sandwich of roast beef with a slice of swiss in the morning. Instead, I'll have to do meat or eggs, fruit, and almonds for breakfast. Here comes the most painful peanut butter. Seriously? Are they trying to kill my soul? All I can hope is that maybe this will be an amazing way to get closer to my ultimate goal. I just hope I can 86 peanut butter without going crazy in the process. Stay tuned.


  1. Wow that is really great! Congrats on sticking with it! You have motivated me to go for a run! Good luck with the rest of your goal!

  2. You are my inspiration!!!

  3. Season that is wonderful!!! Go you!!! Post pregnancy I'm def needing to get back to weight loss myself I'll have to look into the Zone!